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Just wondering how many of you are still breastfeeding.

I can't imagine myself not breastfeeding now, even though when he was born I said I would breastfeed for 6 months, which turned into one year, which is now two years! I've been getting a little more comments like "oh he's too old now" and blah blah, but I've gotten the same comments ever since he was past 6 months old =p
this is what i do. i work, i come home, i eat, i sleep a little and i have this two year old who talks constantly.  i'm currently hearing "come on mommy, watch tv".  and it's always "my turn" or "madilyn do it".  we throw tantrums, laugh at silly things, and are always asking for chocolate milk or candy or cereal or pancakes....

madilyn is IN my classroom at daycare now.  that means that i see her from the time she wakes up (sometimes a few times a night!) until the time i put her to bed.  nice and frustrating at the same time.  she is good at home but the rules at school are different.  she's above them in her mind since her mommy's there. 

yesterday madilyn told me that "madilyn big trouble, go to time out".  i'm not sure what she did since she was sitting in her car seat but it must have been bad.  

she's also started telling me that she has a sick belly about 20 minutes into a car ride.  this could be trouble.

our biggest issue is leaving.  she will not put her coat on to go anywhere. frustrating.

her answer to the question: what's in mommy's belly?  is "baby brudder in there".   yep.  she's going to be a big sister.  i guess we'll find out if she's getting a brudder or not in a month or so. 

that's about all the exciting stuff happening for us.  except for the fact that i was in california for a conference in october.  that was nice.  a week to myself. madilyn spent the week with grandma and grandpa and didn't really seem to mind that i was gone. neither did justin. oh well.  
I figured I'd update with some new pictures! Ella turns 2 on Dec 2nd. CRAZY! She is a very big talker and just learned how to say her full name.

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21 month pictures!

He's growing up fast. I love him so much. My Corgan.

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Almost 2?

So, My little girl will be two in November. Shes kinda amazing and I have the best time with her. Shes a really good kiddo and loves going to bed. Really... isnt that just awesome!

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My 20 monther

Here is a picture from Saranda on August 11th. She turned 20 months on the 6th.

That was during our garage sale. She kept getting in the boxes of toys to play. Dork :)


Wow girls, it's been forever since I've updated over here. It's funny, because I am in the December 2007 babies community (yay for babies!) and I have to make sure each time that I post over there that I am not accidentally posting over here. What can I say - December babies are the best. :)

Ella is nearly 20 months old, and seems so very grown up lately. She is speaking in 2 and 3 word sentences, can ask for specific things, uses the potty at least twice a day (though I am not holding my breath on potty training) and has her own very distinct personality.
She is still a pretty even tempered kid, though we are starting to see the beginning of the willful-twos. Her favorite words are "Idon'twanna!" and "Idoit!" (I don't want to & I can do it.) She is excited about the idea of a new baby, but we will just have to wait and see how they do once the new baby can not be thrown in the toy box with the rest of her babies.
She loves what most kids love - dancing, drawing, being loud, and making messes. She's my little buddy and we go everywhere together - it's hard to imagine my life without her.

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My daughter is a strange one :)

That is her doll's stroller.

The best part? Her butt gets stuck and one of us has to pull her out :D

Jul. 16th, 2007

Here is a conversation I had with my boys today:

I was drinking a glass of water with dinner.
Julian (3 in August): Mommy, you don't like juice?
Me: Yes, but water is my favorite.
Julian: Oh, I like juice.
Me: What's your favorite juice?
Julian: Umm, apple juice.
Julian: Aiden, do you like apple juice?
Aiden (19 months): No, May-May juice.

Ok, so let me explain.
My sister, Megan, lives with my Aunt Danielle. The boys call my sister "May-May". They call my Aunt Danielle "Apple" (long story). Get it?
How cute is that?

Saranda Pictures

Back in February, we entered Saranda in a baby/children local photo contest. The pics are finally up on their website.


You can email votes from their website.

She is image 0010, image 0012 and image 0048

Please go vote for her!!!

Thank you!!!

image 0010

image 0012

image 0048

Please vote!!