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My baby

So Saranda turned 3 back in December and with the holidays and craziness that always surrounds it, we didn't get her to her 3 year check up until Wednesday. (Also, her ped. is undergoing chemo right now. Breaks our hearts, he was her dads ped.)

Anywho here are her stats:

Height 40 7/8"
Weight 46 1/2#'s

She wears a size 11 shoe, a 5T pant and a size 6/6X shirt.

This is her just last week.

I can't believe our kids are turning three soon! :D Where has all the time gone?

Anyone else expecting again? I'm due May 15th with baby #2!

Aug. 11th, 2008

After a wonderful week long vacation in Ocean City, Maryland my little girl passed away on August 2nd. Ava Marie was 2 years and 7 months old. She had one of the best weeks of her life. I am glad that she no longer will have pain and surgeries, but I'd love to have her back.

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Rest in Peace Ava Marie. You are my little Angel.
December 18th, 2005 - August 2nd, 2008

since everyone else is doing it:

James update!

James is two and a half now, obviously.
He is finally starting to speak in short sentences, but he can ALWAYS get his point across. I've taken a part-time job so he is at a babysitter's house a few days/week. He LOVES Elmo, Thomas and that creepy In The Night Garden show. He is still nursing, though we have night-weaned for the most part, and I am slowly trying to wean him totally. He is still not potty trained, though I am hoping to start that, like, yesterday. lol
He is a picky eater and he is a bit of a shrimp, size-wise. He has had some dental problems and I've had to take him to a pediatric specialist, my poor muffin-boy. :(
He is as cute as a button, a total jokester, and very shy with strangers.

Load of pics this way (dial-up beware):

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Elliotts update...

So Elliott is a very active fun loving 2 1/2 year old now. He is a big brother now and seems to love it. He loves singing in the car, Going to the park, baking and watching Disney movies and Shopping. Oh ya and he Loves music and his guitar!

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Jul. 6th, 2008

I noticed everyone was updating! :) Ella talks in full sentences now.. she LOVES animals, coloring, swimming, etc. She can recite her ABCs, most colors, counts to 10, and loves riding around in her carseat with the window rolled down in the back. :) She has never been to daycare, but loves my room mate's 2 yr old daughter. Oh and she recently rode her 1st rollercoaster at Islands of Adventure! I was SOO proud! ;)

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Saranda update!

Saranda is not going to be a big sister. Ever. :) She was our last. She's our #5, so no more. She's growing by leaps and bounds. I haven't weighed her lately, but she does wear a 4T bottom, 5T top (some of her sisters smaller 6/7's) and a size 9 1/2 shoe. She is a total smart @$$ and a Sassy McFrassy. I LOVE IT!

Here are a few pictures of her.
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Whos got a 2nd baby or on the way?

So I have noticed that some people here have had or are pregnant with a 2nd bundle of joy.
So i was wondering who that might be and how is it working out for you?

I am due in May 26th, we find out on the 10th this month what we are having. This baby was very much a surprise but one that is very much happily welcomed.
Elliott will be 2 1/2 when this ones born and if you ask him now were the baby is he will pull up his shirt and rub his belly and say "baby". He also has started rubbing my tummy and saying "Hi baby". Its really cute and I'm still slightly scared.. not of having a 2nd baby but knowing that Elliott is still so little and needs so much attestation still. I'm hoping he will like having a little sister/brother.